​​About Randy (Uriah) Luallin

​​​Born November 11th 1957, I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s bearing witness to some of our countries greatest highs and lows.  I have a wonderful wife, Caryn “Rajni” Lerman.  I am a proud father of twins Caleb and Anna and grandfather of six grandchildren and two great grandsons.  My career has been primarily 40 years as a business owner and master mason in brick, block and stone.  My work was demanding hard labor which often made me tired, but I never got tired of going to work.  We had a saying, “never look up” referring to the height we wished to attain on a wall, this allowed me to concentrate on the next brick to be laid.  I would often look at several tons of sand in my truck and wonder how I would move it? Likewise, I focused on one trowel at a time till the wall was built. Through my optimistic, methodical and persistent pragmatism I get the job done.

My other career was as a soldier in the US Army. I served ten years in the infantry finishing as Sergeant First Class.  From this experience, I tend to see things in terms of missions to be accomplished.   

I am active in our community as husband, father, author, historian, mentor, and organizational leader. I pledge my efforts as Treasurer for the following: the American Legion Post 71; the Save our Sandstone 501c3 non-profit group; and severed six years with the Hot Springs Historical Society. I volunteer as Honor Guard commander, trail steward with the Kit Carson Club, and keep dutifully involved with various other pursuits involving the appreciation of a life spent outdoors and serving the community.

My hobbies include running, hiking, traveling, writing, shade-tree mechanics- including repurposing old vehicles and giving them a new life and I recently began taking violin lessons.

I’m running for Hot Springs Mayor to: execute the will of all of its people, not for just the privileged few; guide our city leaders to act within their rightful legal authority limited by State of South Dakota and City of Hot Springs codified law; and remain humble, curious, and well-informed in the act of representing the people's voice to influence positive action.