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About Randy (Uriah)

I was born in St. Louis Missouri in 1957. My family moved to Colorado in 1962 and we settled in Boulder in 1968. I graduated from Fairview High School in the class of 1975. My major accomplishment was in long distance running going to State and finishing 3rd in the Two-Mile in track and finishing 5th in Cross-Country. I’m so grateful to have grown up in Boulder hiking, camping and enjoying the beautiful natural environment. I was raised in a very close-nit nurturing family with Christian values of faith, hope and love.  In 1975 my journey took me next to military service in the U.S. Army where I served 10 years, including reserves. I started out in the Infantry and then moved to the engineers, and finally taught military leadership. I finished my career as a Sargent First Class.   This experience solidified my commitment to duty, honor and country.  After I completed my service, I attended Colorado State University where I studied Wildlife Management. Having a career in this field with my love for the outdoors would have been perfect but jobs were few and far between, so I trained as a Mason which became my career for nearly 30 years  working with brick, block and stone. Beginning as a laborer, I quickly worked up to owning my own business, Luallin Masonry. Running a business required many skills in managing people, finances, and organization. Serving my clients was a top priority. Additionally, I am very focused on my goals and work hard towards accomplishing them. I'm so proud of my wonderful family consisting of my lovely wife Rajni Ouroboros, my twins Caleb and Anna and five grandchildren, Trinity, Sage, Vayda, Blake and Jaxson. As well as my three siblings and extended family all of whom are very actively involved in my life. My personal interests include: Running long distance; I’ve been a runner since high school and continue this practice three times a week. I created and co-directed the Coal Creek Cross County Challenge for 9 years and it is still going on today! At the age of 50 yrs. I attempted the Leadville 100. Hiking; I am an avid hiker included climbing all 54 14’ers in Colorado and some of the 7 summits of the world. Hunting; I love spending time in nature, the skills involved in tracking game and providing food for my family. History; I am fascinated with all history and in particularly the west. I like to read historical novels and visit historical sites where ever I travel to help learn more about an area I am visiting.  Traveling; has always been a large part of my life, from early years going on camping trips with my family to traveling with the US Army, and I have continued this passion throughout my life seeing most of the world. Writing; I love to write, be it poetry, letter, blogs, or my views on politics. I have self-published two novels,   "Maroons- a Human Epic" and  “Maroons The Journey” the sequel. Dancing; to good music. My spiritual beliefs are based on science and an eclectic mix of all the great teachings. My political career consists of running for Boulder County Commissioner 6 times, the Louisville charter commission, Louisville City Council, Mayor of Louisville, as well as U.S. representative CD2 in 2012. I have built and live in a sustainable home and I experiment with alternative fuels. I believe that protecting our environment by responsible use of resources is a communal effort as well as an individual one.  I advocate and have participated as a volunteer for the Cub Scouts, Indian Guides, Public Access Television, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, Habitat for Humanity and other civic events. I truly enjoy life and the many people I encounter. What I offer as a representative is a non- judgmental, objective and pragmatic listening approach to tackling the issues that confront us. With the Constitution as our framework and fairness, liberty and justice for all to guide us, I believe we can successfully evolve as a people and a nation.