​​About Randy (Uriah) Luallin

​​​Born November 11th 1957, I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s bearing witness to some of our countries greatest highs and lows.  I have a wonderful wife Caryn “Rajni” Lerman.  I am a proud father of twins Caleb and Anna and grandfather of six grandchildren and one great grandson.  My career has been primarily 40 years as a business owner and master mason in brick, block and stone.  My work was demanding hard labor which often made me tired, but I never got tired of going to work.  We had a saying, “never look up” referring to the height we wished to attain on a wall, this allowed me to concentrate on the next brick to be laid.  I would often look at several tons of sand in my truck and wonder how I would move it? Likewise, I focused on one trowel at a time till the wall was built. Through my optimistic, methodical and persistent pragmatism I get the job done. My other career was as a soldier in the US Army. I served ten years in the infantry finishing as Sergeant First Class.  From this experience I tend to see things in terms of missions to be accomplished.   “I’m running to give our state a chance to send someone to Washington who will not contribute to the partisan gridlock but work collectively to find solution to the current issues.  I will represent all South Dakotans equally, without respect to their party affiliation. I believe the mission of our state's representative is twofold: To protect the rights of the citizens of South Dakota regarding their interests and their servant government, and to jointly determine the direction of our country within the confines of the Constitution with representatives of other states."  

I have a vision    (not in order of priority)


  • Lawmakers be paid the  mean income of their constituents, get no special benefits and be limited in the number of terms they can be in office.
  • That the people have the ability of referendum at the Federal level
  • That our borders be open and free provided the playing field is leveled between our neighbors
  • That if indeed we want direct taxes that it be equal period.
  • That legislation be for the good of all and Rescinding all that  ingratiates select groups, business, or ideology. 
  • That you get to decide what is safe for you
  • That you decide whom you will love and marry.
  • That nothing can be taken from you that is not directly a part of a convicted crime.
  • That punishment can only be meted out for violence too or defrauding another citizen.
  • That you can only be liable for harm you knowingly or willfully perpetrate.
  • That our military be strong and well funded but used only in defense of our country.  
  • That decisions that directly effect our lives be made at the State and local level. 
  • That subsidies and charitable giving be up to individuals or groups that determine to do so.
  • That the Federal Government balance the budget
  • That Legislation be of one specific subject or give the Executive branch the line item veto.
  • That the communal environment be protected and violators including the government be held accountable.
  • That individual rights reign supreme
  • That equal protection and equal treatment be adhered too.
  • That the Federal Government be restricted to the duties listed in the Constitution.
  • That privacy is insured and violation even by the government be punishable.
  • That the executive branch be limited to executing the will of the people as set forth by their representatives.
  • That we end  undeclared wars including the War on Drugs.
  • That health care be made affordable by competition and reduced regulation