South Dakota Issues 

National Issues 

​​​​​The Issues

1. RANCHING AND FARMING INDUSTRY -  Why is the cost of mean so high to consumers while producers are getting minimum price for their product?

  • A THE COVID 19 SCARE-are there that many workers sick? Should we shut down plants when the virus is not spread by eating meat products
  •   PRICE FIXING BY THE “BIG FOUR”  JBS, Tyson, Smithfield, and Cargill—control more than 80 percent of the American beef industry  MONOPOLY (- The ability to make use of regulation and law to discourage and even prohibit competition and give advantage to larger corporate interests make this possible.
  •   LABELING OR MISLABELING  of products from other countries:  enacted in  2008  and repealed in  2015    If we are going to have labeling it should be the truth so consumers can make decisions for themselves.
  •   INSPECTION Let’s start with state-inspected facilities. There are 27 states that operate U.S. Department of Agriculture-approved state meat and poultry inspection programs. As explained by the USDA, this means the state programs meet and enforce requirements “at least equal to” those imposed under the Federal Meat Inspection Act, Poultry Products Inspection Act and Humane Methods of Slaughter Act of 1978.
  • Then there are custom slaughterhouses. Custom-slaughtered meat should be able to be sold in intrastate commerce. There is bipartisan support for a bill called the Processing Revival and Intrastate Meat Exemption Act (PRIME Act) that would achieve this objective.
  •  Today, the entire structure of the meat-processing industry is a reflection of an inflexible federal regulatory system. But tomorrow, through these proposed reforms, the industry would better reflect market forces and be more responsive to the needs of Americans.  

 2. TAXES - No one likes taxes but we do enjoy corporately the appropriately  applied use.  The question is what is the appropriate thing to tax people for?  And even more importantly  how can we make it so the burden is carried equally as per the constitution?   

  • The mission here is a tough one.   The system needs to be overhauled.   Many of the costs incurred by the government are not only wasteful but totally unnecessary in a free society.  Some work hard and long while others are enabled by the system to not work at all.  The Government employs an enormous percentage of the populace increasing the burden on those that are not government employed to the tune of  6%.  Government is too big period! The amount of taxation and how we are taxed is unequal and in itself costly.
  •  I would propose and support legislation to end direct (income) tax and replace it with an indirect FAIR tax.  Along with that I would support and legislate a reduction of government size and programs.  The combination of these two puts your hard earned dollars back in your hands and at the local level where you know what is best for you.   

 3. REGULATION, LAW and LOCAL GOVERNMENT -  The rule of law is important in a free society but how much?  We are overwhelmed with so much such that we incarcerate more people than any country in the world.  Law and regulation has been used to ingratiate certain business, groups or special interests and prohibit others.  In this way Government has the ability to pick winners and losers and this must come to an end. 

  •  I would propose to rescind all such laws that pick winners and losers and penalties where no one is harmed or property is destroyed.  I use the term  UN CHAIN MY PEOPLE,  The american people that are so capable of invention, creativity for all to prosper.  Taking control from a central government and giving it back to people at the local level where they know what is best for them is possible and appropriate.  

1. Division in America.

2. Regulation, Subsidies and Government Overreach.

3. Taxation and Runaway Spending.

4. Equal Treatment under the Law.

5. Military, use and misuse.

6. Management of our Corporate National Resources.

7. The Criminal Justice System- The Tort system and Individual Responsibility.

8. Return to Freedom and individual rights.

I have a vision    (not in order of priority)

My intention is to create legislation to make this all a reality!!

    •    Lawmakers be paid the  mean income of their constituents, get no special benefits and be limited in the number of terms they can be in office.
    •    That the people have the ability of referendum at the Federal level
    •    That our borders be open and free provided the playing field is leveled between our neighbors
    •    That if indeed we want direct taxes that it be equal period.
    •    That legislation be for the good of all and Rescinding all that  ingratiates select groups, business, or ideology. 
    •    That you get to decide what is safe for you
    •    That you decide whom you will love and marry.
    •    That nothing can be taken from you that is not directly a part of a convicted crime.
    •    That punishment can only be meted out for violence too or defrauding another citizen.
    •    That you can only be liable for harm you knowingly or willfully perpetrate.
    •    That our military be strong and well funded but used only in defense of our country.  
    •    That decisions that directly effect our lives be made at the State and local level. 
    •    That subsidies and charitable giving be up to individuals or groups that determine to do so.
    •    That the Federal Government balance the budget
    •    That Legislation be of one specific subject or give the Executive branch the line item veto.
    •    That the communal environment be protected and violators including the government be held accountable.
    •    That individual rights reign supreme
    •    That equal protection and equal treatment be adhered too.
    •    That the Federal Government be restricted to the duties listed in the Constitution.
    •    That privacy is insured and violation even by the government be punishable.
    •    That the executive branch be limited to executing the will of the people as set forth by their representatives.
    •    That we end  undeclared wars including the War on Drugs.
    •    That health care be made affordable by competition and reduced regulation