Representing the State of South Dakota​ for Liberty


Bringing U.S. together  - Equality and Justice for ALL


In my over half a century of life we have been engaged in undeclared war and conflict and the sacrifice of our precious youth and vast military.  This must come to an end!  I will work for peace and the use of our military solely for defense of our amazing country.   I will work tirelessly for equal treatment under the law in all aspects of society from opportunity to Justice and how it is meted out.  You and you alone will get to decide whom you will love, what you do with your body.  Life without invasion of privacy.


The paradigm of representative government only by those of wealth and power has excluded the common man.  This must come to an end!  I will work to reduce the size and control of government and concentrate it locally.  The spending and its need for taxation must be reduced .  You will get to decide how to spend your money and whom you will charitably give too.  The concept of the citizen statesman concerned with the good of all needs to return.  Criminality should only consist of those that have hurt or defrauded a fellow citizen or damaged property.   Regulation and law that ingratiated groups, individuals or business shall be expunged.  Unchaining our amazing people to seek their destiny.

The country has been divided too long by the duopoly of the two party system!  The need to vote for evil even tho it is the lesser has come to an end.  I can walk in both circles of the current system and bring them together for the common good.  You will have the deciding vote in a new paradigm that rejects the need for monetary clout to get elected.  In this new beginning self responsibility by the voter to research and decide outside the bombardment of deceptive media will be the rule.